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Subject Code: | BUSM4092

Subject matter Name: | Applied Entrepreneurship

Location where you study: | RMIT Vietnam – SGS

Title of Assignment: | Feasibility Research

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Project due date: | 07/09/2012

Date of Distribution: | 07/09/2012

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Having noticed the business opportunity in food, especially in dessert inside the Vietnam market, Ucake's organization idea is usually developed. The purpose of presenting this kind of idea is always to help customers embodying their very own precious message into dessert, the essential item in every celebration. This is regarded the business idea as the current market have not provide that. Investigation says choosing young people 15 to 30 residing in Ho Chi Minh City as potential targets when it comes to increase in inhabitants, GDP and positive behavioral change toward cake. Additionally, market research found that there are rivals with good brand name and reputation. However Ucake can survive among the opponents with assistance differentiation emphasis strategy in which Ucake's primary differentiated support is ‘customer's self decorated cake'. Ucake provides plain base pastry, hygiene environment with fresh and various topping, and after that customers merely come to search and enhance their bread easily and fast with meaningful memory supported by specialist advice by Ucake's many chefs. Otherwise, consumers can choose dessert design via hundreds of designs that fit their event. Among the research, first five years' economic statements, displaying estimated institution cost, earnings and price, are included to confirm that Ucake is able to break-even within 3 years.



I actually. The Business Idea4

1 . Prospect description: 4

2 . Item / support description: four

3. Explanation of the business owner team: your five

II. The Industry and Market6

1 ) Current Industry Analysis6

2 . Market potential Analysis7

3. Competitors Evaluation (referred to Appendix 3)8

4. Goal market/customers9

5. Market penetration (referred to Appendix 5)10

6. Stakeholder Analysis11

III. Business Model Research (referred to Appendix 6)13

1 . Revenue sources13

2 . Cost drivers13

3. Resource requirements / mapping13

some. Investment size14

5. Important success factors15

6. Risk analysis and management16

4. Future Action Plan17

1 . Sources of begin – up capital17

installment payments on your Further information needed17

3. Support needed18



I actually. The Business Idea

1 . Option description:

Currently, Japanese people are comfortable with Western tradition, so they will consider truffles not only as desserts or presents intended for birthday, nevertheless also vital items in special events just like Christmas or anniversary get together. This pattern leads to the rapid development in demands of cakes, especially in getaway period just like Christmas (Bao Moi Paper, 2009). Not really stopping right now there, people also want to make their cake turns into more important to suit the objective of parties or perhaps events. Nevertheless , there are still not any bakeries allowing customers to embellish cakes without any assistance. As internet marketers, this is a good celebration for Ucake to develop a business idea to develop more values and choices for customers through its differentiated services. 2 . Product / service information:

Ucake bakery that has differentiated services will probably be opened to generate customer think convenient and comfortable, bring more benefit, and satisfy their particular...


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