Current Costs Essay


Current costs is an important side of Government Budget, where Government allocate resources on public service, defense, public and economic affairs, health and environment, housing, social & educational affairs etc . however Government's major focusing areas continued to be the same in the last years i actually. e. general public service & defense in which foreign loan repayments and debt maintenance are tremendously been allocated in finances. Current expenditure side of the budget continues to be classified in different brain. In this section, four aspects of current expenditure were selected based on all their importance with regards to percentage of current costs allocated to each of the heads. These heads were considered significant in terms of all their national ideal value when compared with other mind in current expenditure. These major areas are as follows; * Current Expenditure

5. Development Costs

* Expenditure Upon Revenue Bank account

2. Expenditure In Capital Accounts


General public services| 2, 968, 895

Protection affairs and services | 495215

Monetary affairs and services| 50308

Education affairs and services| 39514

Seeing that each of the above head can be further labeled into more subheads, as a result same requirements was used to sort out some of the important subheads.


Relating to this chart General public service always was highest with 70% and the like in current expenditures. Defense affairs have also been allocated significant share of current bills that is twenty-two %. Relative to them Financial affairs, Education affairs and public saftey have a negligible reveal which are 3%, 2%, ans 3% respectively.


On the basis of straight & side to side analysis of budgetary characters from 99 to 2010-11, a comprehensive research has been built to find out the projections to satisfy & overcome the shortage and to make required amendments as well as revisions inside the budget of current yr 2010-11.


Classification| 2011-2012| 2012-2013

Public Service| 2, 968, 895| 3508180

Defense Affairs and Services| 495215| 575018

Open public Order and Safety Affairs| 59609| 73295

Economic Affairs| 50308| 37141

Environment Protection| 557| 812

Housing and Community Amenities| 1, 602| 1742

Well being Affairs and Services| 2645| 2263

Fun, Culture and Religion| 4247| 4771

Education Affairs and Services| 39514| 45004

Sociable Protection| 1165| 890

Total| 3623757| 4249116


General public services expenses are those that are put in for: 5. General administration such as basic government arrangement fiscal affairs, foreign affairs and international commitments, electoral, audit, municipal service and lawmaking capabilities; and 5. Public purchase and security including numerous functions pertaining to law enforcement, repair of public order and protection and politics administration.


Table - of sixteen " Average person Service"

Classification| 2011-2012| 2012-2013

GENERAL PUBLIC SERVICE| 2, 968, 895| 3508180

Executive & Legislatives Bodily organs, Financial....... | 1, 308, 917| 1504605| Superannuation Allocated and Pension| 96, 138| 114329| Maintenance of International Debt| seventy six, 307| 81254

Foreign Mortgage Repayments| 243, 179| 342658

Servicing of Domestic Debt| 714, 671| 805384

Others| 178, 622| 190715

Overseas Economic Aid| 88| 87

Transfer Payments| 294, 986| 369121

General Services| 2, 736| 3099

Basic Research| 2, 524| 2907

R& D Average person Services| 6th, 059| 6934

Administration of General Public Service| 1, 390| 1247

Public Services(not identified elsewhere)| 43, 278| 85842


A defense affair is an important mind of costs because...


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