12 Upset Men Examination Essay

CBEB 2303





1| Synopsis| 1

2| Characters| 2

3| Aspect affecting making decisions process: * Attitudes * Personality and values 5. Emotions and moods| 3-44-89-11| 4| Different barriers influencing decision making| 11-12

5| Conclusion| 13

6| References| 14


The storyplot is basically regarding 12 guys (jurors) advised by the evaluate to come to an agreement as a as to if the defendant is responsible or not. The evaluate explains the obligations from the jurors, along with given the instruction, the jurors shall discuss carefully among themselves. They must go back with a vote either guilty or not. And of course they have to have right evidence or perhaps theory to back their particular opinion.

At the beginning, all except the 8th juror voted accountable. Everyone is amazed and there was clearly a ask for all the eleven juror to speak their judgment in order to change the vote with the 8th court. Since the court are not displayed, viewers have no options but for focus on each one of the jurors opinions and points.

This account is about how each of the jurors perceive the murder circumstance and fix it. There are several factors that affects an individual decision making method and each aspect plays a unique role in influencing persons, and how these kinds of factors build individual's belief. The elements are persona, values, thinking, emotion and moods. Throughout this movie, we can see how the 12 juror are affected by these kinds of factors in coming to a as a whole.


Juror| Actor| Characteristic

1/Foreman| Courtney B. Vance| * Soccer coach * Organized person| 2| Ossie Davis| * Bank clerk * Reasonable person

3| George C. Scott| * Small company owner * Grudge, excited, hot-tempered| 4| Armin Mueller-Stahl| 5. Stock broker * Wise, not tendency, focus on facts, logical| 5| Dorian Harewood| * Work in Harlem clinic * Easily-offended| 6| Wayne Gandolfini| * House artist * Patient, fair, aspects other people| 7| Tony a2z Danza| * Selfish, noisy

8| Jack port Lemmon| * Architect * Reasonable, see things each and every angle| 9| Hume Cronyn| * Old fart * Great observer, wise

10| Mykelti Williamson| * Racist, closed-minded, pompous, bad tempered| 11| Edward cullen James Olmos| * Watch manufacture * Quiet, fair, needs a man's lifestyle seriously| 12| William Petersen| * Work for Marketing agency * Didn't want to decide for him self, very dependant


3. you Attitude

In this part, we can analyse how the attitude influences the decision making of the jurors. According to business dictionary, an attitude is known as a tendency to reply either favorably or in a negative way towards a specific idea, target, person, or perhaps situation. Frame of mind influences could be action, responsiveness, incentives, and rewards which is sometimes called stimuli. To be able to better figure out attitudes, we should consider all their fundamental pieces. There are 3 components of perceptions: cognitive (a description of or belief), affective (emotional or feeling) and behavioural (intention to behave in certain way toward something). Precisely what is the frame of mind of the a dozen juries to make decision from the given case? Well, at the outset of the movie, the motivation or goal of the juries was going to complete the task as soon as possible so that they could go home. During this condition, the cognitive component is definitely " cannot go back home unless of course agreed as being a whole”. The affective component is " tension of finishing the job as soon as possible in order that can go back home earlier”. The behaviour part is " just choose guilty”. This is one way their thinking toward their job and resulted in all their behaviour.

However , the attitude with the 8th court contradicted with all the attitude of other jurors. The 12 juries identified that the defendant is...


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