Effect of Eutrophication on Plant Growth Duckweed Essay



Effect of Eutrophication on Flower Growth


How exactly does the process of Eutrophication affect the regarding Duckweed?


In this test, we are fundamentally testing the application of different fertilizers on the growth of Duckweeds. Crops need fertilizers for their expansion and to boost the yield of crops. However at the same time, it depends on which Fertilizer being used in addition to how much amount. Does it have sufficient nutrients or excessive nutrients? These were the questions, that i asked me personally and through some exploration, I was capable of write my own Hypothesis.

In respect to me, at the beginning, the growth of the duckweeds will increase nevertheless slowly after 6-7 times, they would die. Duckweeds will be those types of plant life that require fertilizers for the introduction of their beginnings, and Phosphorus fertilizers will be the ones who have this potential. On the other hand, Nitrates or Nitrogen fertilizers in an excessive attention would give excessive proteins towards the duckweeds which will would not be needed by simply them and so concentrated nitrogen won't be that helpful for their very own growth. Faucet water would end up being a good fertilizer for the duckweeds as it contains satisfactory nutrients and so would help in the growth from the plants.


?nternet site mentioned on top, the vegetation would learn to multiply because they have enough minerals for growth and through constant sunlight, they would increase in quantities (except targeted nitrates). Later on, they would slowly start to die leaving a white color. This would happen because the crops must have consumed all the mineral deposits for a period of time, and hence because of fewer minerals they might have got died. Overcrowding and the a result of Eutrophication (rapid growth) will need to have decreased all their growth too.


9 Plastic material Containers

Low and Substantial concentration of Nitrates

Low and Substantial concentration of Phosphates

Faucet water

90 Duckweeds

Measuring Canister


What will Modify?

What is going to be retained the same?

What will always be measured?

Type of Manures

Attentiveness of Manures

(Each plastic container might have a different kind of fertilizer, in a different concentration)

Sun light


Volume of Manures

(These measures will vary from pot to textbox but to complete appropriate outcomes, we are considering these factors being constant)

The rise or reduction in the number of duckweeds

(Our Aim is to measure the number of duckweeds which is the just factor staying measured every single alternative day)


Outline in steps how the test will be performed, indicating how a control parameters will be retained the same.

First of all, we put 100ml of each and every fertilizer in several plastic containers-N1, N2, P1, P2, N1P1, N1P2, N2P1, N2P2, Normal water (Where 1 stands for low concentration and 2 is short for a higher concentration).

By placing 10 duckweeds in every single container, we all let them reveal to open sunlight

Finally, count the number of duckweeds each alternate day including the end of 10 psychic readings, make a tabular form from them and hence plot a graph intended for the growth of Duckweeds coming from each fertilizer.

We have also assumed that every container would get the same amount of Sunlight and the temperature would be same to have the appropriate psychic readings. Through the frequent exposure to sun rays, the effect of Eutrophication might emerge intended for the plants and the plant life would learn to perish. However, fertilizer inside the container will be evaporated and crystallized. Probably, the loss of life rate of most of the duckweeds would be quicker than their very own birth charge because the loss of nutrients may have a tremendous impact on their progress.




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Kind of Fertilizer









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Biology for IGCSE by Jane Jones


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