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It has never been easier to order academic paper. First of all, fill in the small order form located on the home page, which will give us initial information about your order and then press the button “continue” to be able to fill in the extended form. It is every easy, because our system will guide you through all the stages of ordering process. Just provide thorough instructions about your paper, upload needed files, write down your contact information and you are almost done with it!

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All the processes with money are done using the PayPal system. This is the simplest and the safest payment system. This is the reason, why we can guarantee 100% security of your money.

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The next step is in matching up your order with the most professional and experienced writer in your discipline. Usually, this process takes from a few minutes to a few hours. However, it depends on different things such a deadline, topic, discipline, level of complexity and business of freelance writers. Yet, our team works as fast as it is possible to satisfy every customer and complete every order in time.

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Once your order is finished, it will be verified by our professional editor for grammar, spelling, plagiarism, coherence and context. It also will be checked adherence to your requirements. This helps us to improve the quality level and decrease the necessity of revision.

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When all the previous steps are finished, your paper will be upload on your personal dashboard, where it will be available to you. In addition, you will get an email where you also will find a copy of your order.