Essay about Jumbled-Letter Video game for Language Teaching


A. Background

For some language teachers, teaching vocabulary is definitely challenging, especially in English Language Teaching class room. Nowadays, the teacher will need to provide a vocabulary teaching which in turn avoiding vocabulary list memory or vocabulary translation. Besides, the teacher also should consider about the students' several ability to expert vocabulary. A lot of language students may learn new vocabulary faster than others and a few of them could find many difficulties to master new vocabulary. On the other hand, some students may expert or memorize some vocabulary but they are unable to spell the word correctly.

Although educating vocabulary is actually less emphasized due to franche approach in language educating, it can not really be neglected that with out a big range of terminology mastery, chinese learner might face several obstacles to master the language discovered. Vocabulary is one of the components of terminology that may help terminology learner get the target vocabulary. Due to this condition, the tutor should get appropriate strategies or techniques to teach vocabulary to the students.

Evidently, there are so many approaches to teach terminology. In typical teaching, a few teachers generally give a set of vocabulary to get memorized or perhaps give a set of vocabulary which usually uses equally native and target vocabulary (L2). But , it is assumed that the way of terminology teaching technique burdens the language students which has a list of unused vocabulary memorization. It is because the scholars only concentrate on memorizing the vocabulary , and without knowing appropriately just how and when to use the terminology in daily speaking. Make sure teach vocabulary that had been suggested by a few language educators is using language games. Language games are kind of games used to help equally teacher and learner to show and learn the point language. It is believed that by applying language games in language instructing, especially in vocabulary teaching, it could improve the students' ability to get the language.

It has been revealed that dialect games have got advantages and effectiveness in learning vocabulary in numerous ways. Initially, language games bring in relaxation and entertaining for students, as a result help them learn and preserve new words and phrases more easily. Second, language games usually require friendly competition and they retain students interested. These produce the determination for students to get involved and participate positively in the learning activities. Third, vocabulary online games bring real-world context into the classroom, and enhance students' use of English in a flexible, communicative approach (Huyen and Nga, 2003).

One of the terminology games which you can use to teach language to language learner is Jumbled-Letter Game. Jumbled-Letter Game is a language game that will need the novice to arrange the alphabet page into certain word in target vocabulary which is asked by the instructor. By using this kind of language game, teacher may avoid memorizing list of terminology and the learners may master vocabulary faster. One of the advantages of Jumbled-Letter Game is it can be applied for virtually any language levels as long as chinese teaching requires the students to perfect vocabulary. Additionally , the use of Jumbled-Letter game in teaching terminology may get over the students' difficulty to prepare the correct word spelling.

The objective of this article is to discuss about the utilization of Jumbled-Letter Video game in language teaching in English Language Teaching Class. The actual theories regarding language game and the using this video game in class room will be supplied later.

N. Discussion

1 . Language Video games

a. The Concept of Language Video games in Dialect Teaching

There exists a common belief that all learning should be critical and solemn in nature, and if is having fun and hilarity and laughter,...

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