Essay regarding Le Coq Sportif

Governance of votre coq

In 2005, a Swiss Keeping buys the rand name Le Coq Sportif. Certainly the effects of the brands were well below the preferred expectations. With all the partnership of Sir Robert Louis Dreyfus, a great Swiss businessman who had been leader of the group including Nike, Le Coq sportif views the opportunity for a fresh focus on this ideal alliance for future years.

Airesis right away set up an idea to revive the manufacturer that demonstrates the good interest of the group to give new life to the legendary France brand.

Here is a chart explaining the governance of the brand Votre Coq Sportif since it creation (1882) until the takeover by Swiss having Airesis.

Few words about Airesis:

Ancient part:

HPI Holding AG is a term that noticeable the industrial history of western Swiss since 1920, date of creation of the company. Hermes Precisa Intercontinental (formerly Plant life Paillard) has built its success for the production of typewriters Hermes known internationally. Since 81, the possessing company HPI has been used as a great investment vehicle pertaining to investments in new technologies that have suffered damage in the industry with full push in early 2k. Currently, you will discover eight entries all together inside the sub-holding A2I SA.

In 2004, reducing the part worth of their shares washed up the organization. A capital increase from the arrival of 4 participants (the Boards & More group, the group Fidexpert, group and society Ouat Threat Properties SA). These arrivals have been extraordinary for the group which has restored and a new existence HPI Keeping AG, which includes since turn into Airesis. Almost all shareholders (Sirs: Robert Louis-Dreyfus, Yves Marchand and Marc-Henri Beausire) then simply set up the brand new company technique: active managing of its investments in private equity finance and residential property.

Today the group possesses brands such as:

* Le Coq Sportif

* Lover

* Ion

* North Kite boarding

* North Sails Windsurf

Here we are going to explain few words regarding each manufacturer, because most of them are unfamiliar.


In 1999, giving his initially kite a board, Lover has to trust in this new pattern. With its record in windsurfing, the company managed Fanatic showcase its expertise to make it is entry in the sport in the making.


In spring 2005, Boards & More manufacturer launches Ion.

The technological skills with the mark are highlighted inside the wet fits, neoprene accessories, harnesses, a number of clothes and carrying carriers, all items used in sports on the water.

North Kite boarding:

Kite boarding leader.

North Kite boarding has entered the marketplace in 2001 and became leader. This brand includes a very very good technical level recognized.

North Sails Windsurf:

The company specializes North Sails sailboat U. H. and world number 1 with this sector. Boards & Even more has obtained the distinctive license pertaining to the cruise of surfboards since 1981. Its ideal axis is definitely oriented strategy and style.

As late 2006, Robert Louis-Dreyfus, former owner of Addidas and Yves Marchand, who was the boss of the 3 stripes pertaining to France, have got gained a foothold in the commercial and have manufactured ​​some good seeds to create: 10 mil euros through the Swiss investment fund Airesis.

And some big marketers had been poached in market giants such as Reebok, Nike, Puma and Quicksilver...

For example , the arrival of Antoine Sathicq, former CEO of Nike, which was utilized in the head while general director of Le Coq Sportif.

After signing up for Adidas in 1997 because director of sales, this former Procter & Bet, aged 44, joined a fresh team of Le Coq Sportif institution since its obtain by Airesis. A staff already proclaimed by the culture of this Nike Swiss investment funds: Airesis is placed by Robert Louis-Dreyfus, ex - CEO of Adidas France, Marc-Henri Beausire and Yves Marchand, past CEO of three stripes.

The latter believed the presidency of Le Coq Sportif, replacing Olivier Jacques, past...


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