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Ma. Cecilia A. MontañoDr. Rogelio M. Borro

Handling Change

The size of Change

Alter – can be any modification occurring at the job or inside the work environment that affects many ways in which workers must act. These changes maybe designed or unexpected, catastrophic or perhaps evolutionary, great or adverse, strong or weak, slow or quick, and induced either internally or externally. Regardless of their very own source, nature, origin, speed, or power, changes may have serious effects issues recipients. 5. Effects will be widespread

2. Change can be described as human and a technical trouble.

Equilibrium – a state of relative stability between rival forces (social structure of the organization); persons develop a relatively stable group of relations with their environment; employees are altered. Disequilibrium/unbalance – employees cannot make enough adjustments; on the extreme, disruptions can produce jumble, huddle until they are addressed. Manager's role:

1 . Aggressive – anticipating events, starting change, and taking control of the organization's destiny. 2 . Reactive – addressing events, adapting to change, and tempering the outcomes of transform. Responses to modify

The way that people feel about the change is usually one component that establishes how they will respond to that. 1 . Personal history – people's natural processes, all their family qualification (e. g. family, job, education), and all their sociable experinces away from work; preexisting attitudes. installment payments on your Work environment –reflects the fact that workers will be members of a group and the attitudes happen to be influenced by simply its rules, patterns and norms. Hawthorne Effect – observation impacts behavior; implies that the pure observation of any group or more precisely, the perception of being observed and one's meaning of its significance tends to change the group. When people happen to be observed, or believe that someone cares about all of them, they action differently. Group Response to Transform – persons interpret modify individually and possess their own potential response to it. However , they generally show their particular attachment for the group by simply joining to group users in some homogeneous responses towards the change. " We're all through this together. Whatever happens to one of us influences all of us. ” Personal









Harder work






Probable individual responses (attitudes



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Unified Social Response to Change

Homeostasis– a self-correcting mechanism in which energies these are known as up to bring back balance when change threatens; a self-correcting characteristic of the organization, that may be, people act to establish a stable state of need fulfillment and to protect themselves from disturbance of the balance. They need to maintain their previous impression of skills. Cost and Benefits

2. All changes are likely to have some costs

* Each change needs a detailed cost-benefit analysis to determine usefulness * Organizational aim should always be to make benefits more than costs. 5. Emotions strongly impact intentional change (behavior, thoughts & perceptions) 2. May cause clairvoyant costs –psychological costs which in turn affect someone's inner personal, the psyche. Psychological damage because of the strain it imposes on persons as they try to adjust. 2. Repetitive transform syndrome – caused by a group of organizational projects that are began but not finished. * 20-50-30 rule

twenty % -- of personnel will be open and possibly highly supportive 50 % -- neutral and possibly even open minded and open

30 % -- close minded, resist the change, and possibly attempt to skade it. Resistance to Change – employee behaviors designed to blacken, delay or prevent the execution of a operate change, because it threatens their demands for...


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