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It began in 1850. Two young The french language bakers fell in love, married, and began creating exquisite biscuits together, that they can proudly produced with their two initials, LU. Their interest for great ingredients and distinctive, initial biscuits motivates every LU we bake today. Skill of LU

Beginning in the 1880s, justly proud of their very own beautiful cookies, the bakers of LU had the vision to start commissioning the best artists of the day, to fresh paint a series of LU advertising posters. These unique works have become prized collector's art; displayed in terms of the popular Le Petit Ecolier, (" Little Schoolboy" ), developed by renowned illustrator Firmin Bouisset: a portrait of his personal son eating a LU Petit Beurre. Over the next hundred years, the artistry of LU biscuits inspired various artists to create works that belongs to them.  In the 1980s, Firmin's vision was molded in some chocolate, to create LU's most precious biscuit selection, Le Ecourte Écolier. Profile of Brands: Internationally

1-Crème Roulee

2-Cinnamon Sugar Piquancy


4-Rich Tea

5-Petit Ecolier


7-Le Chocolatier

8-Petite Madeleine

9-Le Succinct Beurre

10-Short Bread

Organization History

Designed in 1984, the achievement story of LU in Pakistan started out with the project of Hasan Ali Khan (the creator of Ls Biscuits), who also signed a joint venture agreement with Generale Biscuits, the global manufacturers with the LU selection, which was subsequently acquired by the Danone Group. Expansive opportunities were made like the import of technology and professional competence from in another country. The initially undertaking was to set up a factory and establish circulation centers in the area with the supreme objective of commencing businesses and promoting our goods in Pakistan. CBL therefore started its' operations in the country since September 1986 with an initial durability of 200 employees.

The company initial introduced its' innovative brands - TUC, Prince and Candi which will proved to be a quick success. With global merger of Ordinario Biscuit and the Danone Group, a more thorough range of products and technical skills became available to CBL. The company at present has a outstanding profile, under its power styles of TUC, Prince, Tiger and Candi. These kinds of brands come with an array of products that declines into the category of plain cookies, cream variations, crackers and ingredients primarily based. The production location based in Sukkur is actually a centre of excellence which offers employment to 2200 persons in the region. The marketing, sales, finance, commercial, IT plus the human resources functions are located in the head office in Karachi employing a total of 180 personnel. As a part of the primary FMCG your head office provides close links both with the Regional Office buildings of Kraft in UAE and the manufacturing plant in Sukkur. Portfolio of Brands: In Pakistan


LU today contains a Bakeri, which offers a range of flavours made to make your mouth area water in their incredibly mention! Bakeri Classic- the milk and egg flavor we all know and love, with that small magic that only LU can also add, these are a breath of fresh air in the plain biscuit category. The soft soft texture and taste just makes them burn in your mouth!

Bakeri Coconut- An remarkably crafted masterpiece of design straight from the LU Bakeri. Made from real coconuts, these types of cookies will have you craving to get more from the period you take those first nip! Bakeri Butter Cookies- While gloriously delicious to look at so much as they are there to eat, these kinds of cookies made from pure chausser are truly a delight. Just about every bite causes you to realize precisely how lovingly and carefully these kinds of cookies were backed by professionals at the LU Bakeri. Bakeri Bistiks: with their unique form and delicious lemon and vanilla flavor are a handle for the senses. If you dip and munch them with your tea, goodies or just by themselves.

2-Candi: �

One of the most progressive brands Released by CBL, Candi is definitely the only brown sugar biscuit in...


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