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The The spanish language Period (1565- 1898)


Historical Background

Costly accepted belief that the Spanish colonization of the Philippinesstarted in 1565 during the time of Miguel Lopez de Legazpi the initially Spanish governor-general in the Korea. Literature did start to flourish during his period. This spurt continued unabated until the Cavite Revolt in 1872. The Spaniards colonized the Korea for more than 3 centuries. Of these times, a large number of changes took place in the lives of Filipinos. They accepted the Catholic religion, changed their labels, and had been baptized. Their particular lifestyles transformed too. They built properties mad of stones and bricks, applied beautiful household furniture like the keyboard and employed kitchen products. Carriages, locomotives and motorboats were utilized as way of travel. That they held bamboulas to reverance the new orleans saints, the pere and the governors. They had cockfights, horse competitions and the movie theater as method of recreation. This gave go up to the formation of the several classes of society such as the rich and the landlords. Several Filipinos finished courses just like medicine, rules, agriculture and teaching. A large number of Filipinos done their schooling already was established.

Significant Dates and Events

1610 -Tomas Pinpin, ladino or bilingual, posts his The spanish language grammar for the use of the Tagalogs.

-Tomas Pinpin and Blancas de san Jose jointly authored Librong Pagaarala ng mga Tagalog sa Uikang Castilla

-Pinpins attempt for verse, and incidentally his religious proclivities, could be best seen in " Come Con Dios”.


O nodriza con jehova O great God my dad

O grandma dios me personally padre

tolongan mo acogrant aid to my opinion

quered ayudarme;

amponin mo acogrant myself favor

sedme beneficial

nang mayari itoto be able to complete this task

porque el se acabe

at icao ang purihinand give reward to the.

Y a ves ha sido alaban.

The spring 14, 1617- The Spanish fleet headed by Juan Ronquillo eliminated the United kingdom attempt to occupy Manila inside the battle of Playa-Homda.

1627-a pioneering Tagalog versifier, Pedro Suarez Osorio of Ermita Manila. Very little is known of him, possibly as a priest or a writer. One of his

attempts in poetry was fortunately preserved by father Alonso sobre Santa Betisier in his publication Explicacion entre ma Doctrina Sinhueso Tagala.


Salamat ng ualang hoyang Thanks end up being without end

Sa iyo Dios que contiene maalamTo you god the All-knowing

Nitong iyong awang mahalFor your important grace

Social fear aming catagalogangiven us, your Tagalog brethren

" Icao paraluman naminYou happen to be our guide

Ang sucat nga identifying sundinWhom we need to follow totally

Hanggang di cami dumatingTill all of us reach

Social fear lalawigan mahimbing. ”The calm haven.

October 3, 1646 -For the 2nd time, the Spanish navy defeated the British warship in Manila Bay. This is commemorated in a annual feast referred to as " La Naval para Manila". 1704-Padre Gaspar Aquilino de Follon, a indigenous of Sarta Batanggas was your first Philippine who made up and sang the pasion in tagalong and allowed by the chapel by Dad Antonio de Pueblo to become imprint.

1750-Pasion becoming a best-seller for many years and it was reissued the 5th time. October 5, 1762 -The Uk fleet defeated the Spanish warship permitting the British rule the region for two years. March 17, 1764 -The British surrendered the country to Spain following losing a battle through the seven-year battle between them. October 31, 1829 -Francisco Dagohoy, a jefatura de barangay of Bohol and the leader of the longest uprising (8 years), surrendered to the Spaniards. September 6, 1834 -Manila was opened up to foreign trade ultimately causing a remarkable alteration of it is economy. 1861-Birth of Jose Rizal, the national leading man of the Philippines. 1872-Cavite Mutiny; martyrdom of the three priests: Gomez, Burgos, Zamora. 1887-Noli Me Interessare (Touch Me personally Not) is usually published. This exposes Spain's...


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