Organisational Study Essay


Vivek Menon

(Reg. Not any: 85270050)

Underneath the Guidance of

Dr . Sarada S


Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of the degree of


to the Cochin University of Science and technology

College Of Supervision Studies

Kochi-682022, Kerala, India Year-2008


This is to certify that REPORT ABOUT ORGAINSATIONAL EXAMINE AT FERTILISERS AND CHEMICAL COMPOUNDS TRAVANCORE LTD. is a bonafide study of Vivek Menon of the third Semester MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTATION student of faculty of Administration Studies on the Cochin University or college of Research and technology.

Place: Date:

Dr . Sarada. S Reader


I Vivek Menon, third session MBA college student of school of management research at the Cochin university of science and technology do hereby file that this survey on ORGANISATIONAL CHEMICALS ANALYZE AT FERTILISERS Ltd. under AND the



advice of Dr . Sarada. T, Reader, University of Managing Studies in partial completion of the requirement for the award of the degree of Master of business administration is a legitimate study I have done in the organisation. We also state that this statement has not been recently formed the foundation of award of any Degree, Diploma or degree, Associate deliver, Fellowship or any type of other identical title with this or any other university or institution.

Place: Date: Vivek Menon


I would like to acknowledge my profound perception of appreciation to:

the Almighty intended for giving me personally strength and ability to successfully complete the research and make this report promptly

Dr .








University of science and technology, my guide for this study, who also guided me with her valuable suggestion. She was a source of creativity for me to total the study and make this report on time and was instrumental in shaping this survey.

Mr. John R Daniel, Chief Manager (Training) FACT, for his guidance and support which in turn he rendered throughout the examine and he was instrumental in shaping this report

this great institution of excellence which has encouraged myself to undertake such an organization analyze. I as well extend my sincere appreciation to our Representative, Prof. (Dr. ) Martha Joseph, of faculty of Managing Studies in the Cochin school of scientific research and technology.

to all staff of REALITY for their kind cooperation to get completion of this work.


I underwent an organizational study by FACT to acquaint me with the organization environment for the period of 30 days from May well 15, 08 to June 14, 08 as a part of the MBA program at the university of administration studies with the Cochin School of Research and Technology.

The study was conducted to know the composition, function and processes of various departments and the interdependence. During study I had been able to effectively interact with the employees of the corporation. They were very happy to give me almost all possible details. They also took me to the plant life and worksites where I managed to get the quality information capabilities. about the organizational operations and its

The methodology includes data collection through interview, observation and literature assessment. The data accumulated from different sources will be classified, analyzed and viewed. Based on which an organizational structure, its functions and various departments are determined. The various departmental functions will be clearly determined and their processes & activities carried out are recorded. A great in-depth research is made all of us to understand the departmental method based on which in turn a process chart is ready. The evaluation further created the basis for identifying the departmental interdependence. The study even more revealed a few of the challenges experienced by the

departments. The study helped us to acquire an exact picture of SIMPLE FACT based on which in turn, a slot machine analysis is carried out....


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