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Statistics S1

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Friday 18 January 2013 – Afternoon

Time: 1 hour 30 minutes

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Mathematical Formulae (Pink)

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Candidates may use any calculator allowed by regulations in the Joint Authorities for Qualifications. Calculators must not have the service for symbolic algebra treatment or representational differentiation/integration, and have absolutely retrievable statistical formulae kept in them.


Instructions to Candidates

Inside the boxes over, write your centre amount, candidate quantity, your label, initials and signature. Make sure that you have the right question conventional paper.

Answer ALL the questions.

You must write your solution to each query in the space following the problem. Values from the statistical tables should be offered in full. Every time a calculator is utilized, the answer must be given to a proper degree of precision.

Information pertaining to Candidates

A booklet ‘Mathematical Formulae and Statistical Tables' is supplied. Full markings may be acquired for answers to ALL queries.

The signifies for individual queries and the parts of questions will be shown in round conference: e. g. (2). You will find 7 inquiries in this question paper. The overall mark with this paper is 75. There are 20 internet pages in this question paper. Any blank internet pages are mentioned.

Advice to Candidates

You should ensure that your answers to parts of questions happen to be clearly labelled. You should display sufficient attempting to make your methods clear to the Examiner. Answers without operating may not gain full credit.


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A teacher asked a randomly sample of 10 college students to record the number of hours of tv, t, they watched in the week just before their make fun of exam. Your woman then worked out their class, g, inside their mock exam. The answers are summarised the following.

И€t = 258 И€ t

a couple of

= 8702

И€ g = 63. 6

Sgg = 7. 864

И€ gt = 1550. a couple of

(a) Discover Stt and Sgt


(b) Determine, to 3 significant figures, the product moment correlation coefficient between t and g.


The educator also documented the number of hours of revising, v, these kinds of 10 college students completed through the week just before their mock exam. The correlation pourcentage between big t and sixth is v was –0. 753

(c) Describe, providing an reason, the nature of the relationship you would expect to find between v and g.


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