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If you want to know how much services cost you need to read this. First of all you need to know that our prices are based on three factors: deadline (timeframe of every paper), number of pages and academic level you want. If something is not clear to you, please contact us without hesitation.

You need to remember that there are a lot of writing companies on the web that offer low prices for their services. However, when it comes to ordering a paper, you will see that low price is not everything, you also need quality. This service is not the cheapest, but our services are of the highest quality in this business. After all, this service was started by students and it works for students and their needs.

The prices you see on this page are provided in USD per one page. The text is typed in Times New Roman font 12 double-spaced. However, when you fill in the order form you can ask for other requirements for your paper. When you order, for example, one single-spaced page, it will cost you the same as two double-spaced pages. In average, one page text has about 300 words.

You need to know that the prices presented in the table don’t include VAT tax. Yet, this tax should pay only clients from the European Union. The VAT tax cost will be automatically added to the price of each order when it comes time to pay.

Power-Point Presentations

  • Price for 1 (one) slide equals 50% of the price for one page.

Discount Propositions

Our company offer such types of discounts:

  • 10% less for orders that cost $300 and more;
  • 5% less for orders that cost $100 and more;

We don’t have discounts for orders under $30.

Remember that one customer can’t have several discounts for one order.

The VAT tax and the discounts mentioned above are not refundable.

Don’t forget about conversion fee that may be applied, because you will have to pay in US dollars.