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Stand 2 . you

Difference between a Unit Trust and a Mutual Fund

Table 2 . 2

Classification of Collective Expense Schemes in Ghana

Table 2 . 3

Performance of Collective Investment Schemes in Ghana 2010

Stand 2 . some

Market Share and Performance of Collective Expense Scheme in Ghana 2010

Desk 4. you

Various Collective Investment Scheme without having. Shareholders, Annualized Returns from the funds

Table 4. 2

Correlation Output Results of NAV, Number Shareholders and Annualized Results of Listed CIS

Table 4. 3

Annualized Earnings of Four (4) Equity Account and the Market Index (GSE-ASI)

Desk 4. 5

Annualized MFUND Earnings and the 91-Day Treasury Level

Table 4. a few

Regression Output Result of EPACK Earnings and GSE-ASI

Stand 4. six

Regression Output Result of SAS Good fortune Returns and GSE-ASI

Table four. 7

Regression Outcome Result of NTHC Equity Results and GSE-ASI

Desk 4. 8

Regression Output Result of Anidaso Results and GSE-ASI

Stand 4. 9

Regression Output Consequence of MFUND Returns and GSE-ASI

Stand 4. twelve

Regression Output Result of EPACK Comes back and GSE-ASI

Table 4. 10

Summary of Regression Analysis End result Result

Table 4. 12

Comparative Examination of Four Value Fund and one (1) Money Market Finance


Graph 2 . you

Functionality of Money as of the End of 2010

Chart 4. you

Spread Plot of EPACK's Earnings and GSE-ASI

Chart 4. 2

Spread Plot of SAS Fortune's Returns and GSE-ASI

Chart 5. 3

Scatter Plan of NTHC Horizon's Earnings and GSE-ASI

Data 4. four

Scatter Plot of Anidaso's Earnings and GSE-ASI

Graph and or chart 4. five

Spread Plot of MFUND's Earnings and GSE-ASI

Data 4. 6

Relative of Expenditure Returns (2005-2010)



Accommodement Pricing Theory


Anidaso Mutual Pay for


Property Under Supervision


Capital Asset Charges Model


Capital Gain Tax


Collective Investment Scheme


Databank Inventory Index


Economic Community of Western African Condition


Euro Fund and Asset Administration


Efficient Market Speculation


Predicted Return of Portfolio


Evelyn Phyllis Angelina Carolina Kingsley


Ghana Stock Exchange


Ghana Stock Exchange Every Share Index


Bekwai, ghana Stock Exchange Composite resin Index


International Firm of Protection Commission


Initial Open public Offering


Momentum Factor


Money Market Fund


Net Advantage Value


New Generation Investment Services


Countrywide Trust Keeping Company


Provisional National Defense Authorities Law


Real Estate Investment Trust


Go back of Industry Portfolio


Investor's Risk Tolerance


Strategic Africa Securities


Securities and Exchange Commission


Stochastic Discount Component


Record Package Social Sciences


Treasury Expenses


Treynor and Mazuy


Energy of the Stock portfolio


Difference of the Profile


The development of each of our Nation, Bekwai, ghana, lies in our hands. The contribution to economic creation goes quite a distance to secure all of us in the future. The objective of this studies to evaluate the various collateral funds in Ghana using beta and alpha because the determinant factors. The awareness of the key benefits of investment can be gradually growing among the Ghanaian population. However , many who also venture in many kinds of investment absence the concept of that particular investment.

Ghanaian Investors happen to be gradually more and more getting thinking about mutual pay for selection, requiring detailed shared fund data and expense advice. A large number of authors possess tried to make clear...

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Databank Mutual Pay for


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