Skullcandy Headsets Essay

Taylor Armstrong


November 18, 2011

Table of Material

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2. Marketing Mix and Concentrate on Market…….. Web pages 6-7

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Introduction to the corporation and Industry

Skullcandy is a company that marketing and sells a lot of things. These things may vary from headsets and headsets all the way to clothes such as hats and T shirts. Skullcandy started by Ron Alden in Park Metropolis, Utah. (Wikipedia, 2011) David started that in 2003 by a merchandise called the Skullcandy Portable Link. The Skullcandy Portable Link can be described as headphone that uses the LINK system and is combined with hands-free cellular technology. Mr. Alden brought the item to the Worldwide Consumer Electronics Demonstrate in Las Vegas, Nevada. Many people really liked the concept because it allowed people to listen to music on a cell phone, nevertheless a phone came in the background music would quit and you could answer the phone call with the headsets still in. (Wikipedia, 2011) The first place to buy the Skullcandy products was, Milo Snow & Skate, a actions sports store in Utah. (Wikipedia, 2011)

Since its start in 2003 Skullcandy has offered many different kinds of headphones and Appeal. By simply 2005 Skullcandy brought the annual sales up to 1 ) 3 mil dollars to become ranked while the third most-sold of headphones in the United States industry. In 2008 Alden was a part of the top rated one-hundred opportunity entrepreneurs in the nation. Likewise, in 2008 Skullcandy was named " the planet's coolest hearing bud” simply by " Good fortune Magazine”. (Wikipedia, 2011) In later part of 2008 Skullcandy became reinforced financially simply by Goode Associates. Goode Companions is a private equity finance firm. (Wikipedia, 2011)

Back in of 2009 Skullcandy struck the one-hundred million dollar mark in revenue, and Alden was quoted saying " We're gunning for quantity one” in line with the Salt Pond City Podium. On January 28, 2011 Skullcandy registered for first public offering with the Securities and Exchange Commission. (Wikipedia, 2011) Therefore Skullcandy should be able to sell stocks and shares to the general public. The documents were affirmed on This summer 6, 2011 and now sell stocks for the public. Skullcandy expects to succeed in 150 mil in product sales by the end of 2011. (Wikipedia, 2011)

Skullcandy is a big supporter of Breast Cancer. In 2007 Skullcandy donated $36, 723. 85 to " Boarding intended for Breast Cancer”. " Boarding for Cancer of the breast is a non-profit fundraiser to aid educate children on cancer of the breast and the hazards it brings to young and old. As 2006 Skullcandy has contributed five percent of whatever pink which it sells to " Boarding for Breast Cancer”.

Skullcandy headphones will be sponsored by many people outdoor sport athletes. Various sports as well help out by simply letting Skullcandy sponsor big events. A number of the sports happen to be snowboarding, skateboarding, and browsing. Skullcandy has become one of the main suppliers for the people whom enjoy these types of sports. A number of the sponsored sports athletes are Terje Hakonsen, John Vito, Clay Marzo, and Balaram Stack. (Wikipedia, 2011) Even personality hip-hop artists such as Snogg Dogg and Jay-Z have got helped style some of Skullcandy signature Skullcrushers. (Wikipedia, 2011) Between those two forms of advertising Skullcandy is going in the right direction.

Current Promoting Situation

Skullcandy's marketing situation is usually on the incline right now. So , of the things that Skullcandy headphones possess going for these people is the fact that they can be new and never many people have heard about these people yet. The strengths will be that the firm keeps creating new styles and always thinking of the next big thing. Skullcandy has its own supports from athletes to stockholders and has been going up (besides 2010) in inventory every year. (Russell, 2011) Skullcandy is a small company now and its customer service is highly scored. Also, Skullcandy headphones have a life-time warranty to them and will...

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