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Usa Commercial Bank Limited gets awarded upon 1st College Banking Conference 2013

United Business Bank Limited (UCB) was awarded in the event of 1st University Banking Convention 2013 held at Bangladesh Bank Training Academy. Doctor Atiur Rahman, Governor, Bangladesh Bank inaugurated the seminar. Managing Movie director of UCB, Mr. Muhammed Ali received the merit from Dr . Atiur Rahman, Governor, Bangladesh Bank. And the like Mr. Maryland Zafar Iqbal, professor in Shahjalal School of Science and Technology; Mr. Nurul Amin, chief of Connection of Bankers Bangladesh; Mister. Shitangshu Kumar Chowdhury, Deputy Governor of Bangladesh Bank were also present at the conference. United Industrial bank Limited is firmly focusing on the college banking system which is kids banking solutions to make the ‘future generation' more aware about money and its managing.


Merchandise Name Rate

Home Loan 18. 00%

Mortgage 18. 50 percent

Auto Loan19. 00%

Progress Against Earnings 19. 00%

Doctors Bank loan 18. 50%

Education Financial loan 18. 50%

Household Durable Loan 19. 00%

Others19. 00%

Rate of interest on Deposit

Sl#Type of DepositsRate of Interest

(% p. a. )

watts. e. farrenheit 05. 05. 2013

01Special Notice Pay in (SND):

A. Beneath Tk. a few. 00 Crore 4. 00%

B. Tk. 5. 00 Crore and above but below Tk. 25. 00 Crore a few. 00%

C. Tk. 25. 00 Crore and above but listed below Tk. 50. 00 Crore 6. 50%

D. Tk. 50. 00 Crore and above although below Tk. 100. 00 Crore 7. 50%

At the. Tk. 100. 00 Crore and over but beneath Tk. two hundred. 00 Crore8. 00%

N. Tk. 200. 00 Crore and above10. 00%

02Savings Deposit (SB):

A. Below Tk. 1 . 00 Crore some. 50%

B. Tk. 1 . 00 Crore & above but listed below Tk. a few. 00 Crore 5. 00%

C. Tk. 5. 00 Crore & above yet below Tk. 10. 00 Crore almost 8. 00%

G. Tk. 12. 00 Crore & above10. 00%

03Fixed Deposit (FDR):

A. For 1 (One) month & previously mentioned but listed below 3 (Three) months

i) Below Tk. 10. 00 Crore10. 50 percent

ii) Tk. 10. 00 Crore & above11. 00%

B. Pertaining to 3 (Three) months & above but below 6 (Six) a few months 12. 00%

C. For 6 (Six) months & above nevertheless below 12 (Twelve) several weeks 12. 25%

D. Pertaining to 12 (Twelve) months and above 12. 50%

Rate of interest on Loaning

Sl#Categories of LendingMid charge (% l. a) watts. e. n 11. 02. 2013Maximun price (% g. a) w. e. n. 11. 02. 2013 1 ) Agriculture 13. 00

2 . Term Loan to Significant & Moderate Scale Industry15. 00

3. Term Loan to Small Business 15. 00

four. Working Capital in Industrial Sector

a. Working Capital to Large & Medium Size Industry16. 00

b. Working Capital to Small Organization 17. 00

a few. Exports several. 00

6th. Commercial Lending

a. Import Funding.

(Rice, Wheat, edible Oil Pulses, Chick- peas, Onion, Dates and Sugar) 12 items. 16. 00

m. Import Fund (others) sixteen. 50

c. Various other Commercial Financing 17. 00

several. House Building Loan (Except Retail) 17. 50

8. Consumer/ Retail Credit 17. 40

being unfaithful. Credit Card installment payments on your 5% each month

10. Non Banking Financial Institution of sixteen. 50

11. Other folks (Loans & Advances apart from the above groups as presented below)

a. Loans against FDRs granted by each of our Branches -3. 00% over of the relevent FDR's rate. However Rate may be decreased by qualified authority of Corporate Business office at larger margin

w. Loans Agianst DPS/MSS/Liability Products issued simply by our Twigs 16. 00

c. Loans/Advances agianst ICB units/ WEDBs/FDRs and other term put in Receipts released by additional Banks 16. 50

d. Transport Loan 18. 50

e. LBPD/FBPD 16. 55

farrenheit. Force Mortgage (OAP/ Changed Term Loan/Converted Time Loan) 18. 00

*It may be described here that the Branches will charge interest @1. 50% above the mid-rate intended for existing credit facilities.

Might 30, 2011

Alhaj Akhtaruzzaman Chowdhury, MEGA-PIXEL elected Leader of UCB

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